Protecting Your Home Through Your Garage!

We all probably think of garage door maintenance as having a professional come out and make sure that everything is working properly.  From the garage door opening sensors to the drums and other springs and things.  What most of us may not have ever stopped to think about though is how to take preventative measures to ensure you and your families safety from break ins that are often attributed with access through your garage.  What exactly am I talking about?  Every year thieves are able to gain access into homes via the garage door.  Especially in the months leading up to the holidays when many people have Christmas trees with gifts around them. For thieves this is the gold mine time and they will go to all levels to gain access to homes and leave with stolen belongings.  

So how does your garage door actually take part in thieves entering your home when the door is down and you have the opener in your car?   After reading a very interesting article on, It was found that when garage door openers are left in your car in plain view, many thieves who happen to be scavenging around your neighborhood will break into your car and get the garage door opener.  They then proceed to open the garage door and gain access into your home through the door that most time leads into your kitchen.  Many people do not lock the door leading into their homes from their garage with the thought that if the door is down you’re safe from outside harm.  Thus it is recommended that if you keep your garage door opener inside you car, like most of us do, that you hide the remote from plain view.  It is further recommended that you invest in a keychain remote that will this stay with your keys and you at all times.


However, another way potential thieves access your home through your garage is by breaking windows that lead into your garage.  Thieves often times concentrate on gaining access through the garage in some way because it is a straight shot into your home.  When breaking a window that is on the outside of the home they are left in view of neighbors and others that happen to be driving or passing by.  Garage door windows are often found on the side of the garage which usually tends to be out of direct view from others.  By breaking a window they gain entry.  Even if they do not make it completely into the home they are still able to steal valuables and expensive tools and other equipment that we often stire in our garages.

So what is the best precautionary measures to take to protect your home from garage break ins?  First as we mentioned before hide your openers left in cars from view of others.  Invest in a garage door opener key chain.  They are handy as well.  Placing a zip tie around and automatic opener on a window can also help to prevent thieves from entering through garage door windows.  Lastly with the advancement of technology you can also have a new type of automatic garage door opener installed that allows you to control it via smartphone, tablet or computer.  While the initial cost maybe a bit pricer than we would like the insurance and protection this type of opener offers pays for itself in the long run.  Lastly it is always recommended to have a home security system installed for the safety and protection of your home.  There are also home security systems now available that can be controlled by smart phones, computers and tablets as well.  

It is always a good idea to take preventative measures to help protect your home.  Taking a few extra steps doesn’t necessarily take a lot of your time but can definitely help in keeping your beloved thing and loved ones protected.

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